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Release: GOLDEN
Date:   04/05/2014
Format:   Single


London’s Producer/DJ Silverland adds opulence to 2014 with his latest track “Golden”. In June 2013, he received much acclaim for his second record “Hang Up”, where he saw his first #1, shooting past hit artists to settle in the top spot on Music Week Urban Top 30 charts. The track hit #8 on Music Week Commercial Pop Top 30 charts and #13 on Music Week Cool Cuts Top 20 charts.

With massive crossover potential, “Golden” is already becoming the powerful central track in DJ sets with anticipated possibilities to hit the UK’s #1 spot once again. Silverland’s euphoric new track will feature remixes by internationally renowned UK DJ/producers Wideboys, Andi Durrant, 2Drunk2Funk and female DJ Big Ang.

Collaborating with UK co-writers/co-producers Stix (vocals) and Lankee (rapper), Silverland pushes the envelope with “Golden”, a pulsating mix of frenetic beats and fun and uplifting lyrics, all wrapped up in a tight, EDM-pop package driven by a relentless bassline and melodic core. Spaced-out drops and a mad "cut up" section in the middle make for three minutes of energy designed to make listeners glow.

Released by Canadian dance-indie-record label RYAL Music, Silverland’s music embodies his expressive personality, his fiery spirit, his unique character, and for this, dance-music lovers are lucky. After years of devoting his creative streak to others’ records Silverland is finally splashing out and taking hold of the spotlight.